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Delivering hardware is different

Lean Startup methods need to be modified to deal with the longer cycletimes to fabricate hardware. Production requires tight coordination with supply chain partners and relentless quality attention. Check out our articles on Medium about handling hardware development challenges.

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Our Expertise

New Product Introduction

Methods, supply chain development, logistics, reliability, and qualification

New Technology Introduction

Process development, reliability, qualification and release to manufacture

Project Management

Budgeting, scheduling, partnership development, contracts and cost modeling

Business Systems

Workflows, platform selection, integration, backoffice support and organizational development

Our Services

Development Reviews

Set the plan of attack for each development phase based on proven NPI & NTI systems

Project Planning

Establish the overall project schedules, budgets, resources, and risk mitigation plans

Workflow Development

Standardize a repeating process into a documented workflow

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Products & Technology
Development Reviews
Project Management
Business Systems
Workflow Design


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  • Project discussion
  • Process overview
  • Map next steps



  • Dev phase goals
  • Schedule & budget
  • Risk analysis
  • Checklists
  • Plan review
  • Checkpoint review
  • Phase release review



  • Goals & assumptions
  • Schedule
  • Resources
  • R&D Expenses
  • Capital Expenses
  • Budget plan
  • Risk analysis
  • Plan review
  • Final plan



  • Workflow Goals
  • BPM diagram
  • Process document
  • Stakeholder review I
  • Revisions
  • Stakeholder review II
  • Finalize workflow
  • Implementation plan

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