John van Saders



During 30+ years spent developing hardware and software, I’ve constantly looked for methods to help deal with rapidly changing markets and requirements. Of course, there is no magic bullet solution- if there was everyone would have adopted it by now! Fortunately, there are techniques that can be easily adapted to many situations that allow you to make progress despite daily chaos.

This blog is focused on discussing these techniques and tools for helping move projects forward with an emphasis on using Mind Map tools. I hope you find some of this material useful…

Why the Name Ordino?

After thinking about the three key values that have helped me, I made a personal mission statement (in Mission style!) that lists them in Latin:

  • To Understand (Intellego)
  • To Create (Creo)
  • To Set in Order (Ordino)

And since making progress is all about setting things in order…


  • Stephan List


    I stumbled upon your article “Prioritization Using Swap Sorting”. Unfortunately the pictures are not shown. Could you fix that, please? I really would appreciate it because the article is brillant. Thank you so much in advance. – Stephan

    • jvansaders

      Thanks for catching this Stephan! There were a lot of broken links which are hopefully corrected now.