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Freeplane|GTD add-on available

The Freeplane|GTD tool for extracting Next Action lists from a mind map can now be installed using the add-on manager in Freeplane:

  1. Download the add-on from SourceForge
  2. Using Freeplane 1.2.x, select Tools -> Add-ons
  3. Click the Search and Install tab then use the Search button to navigate to the downloaded add-on
  4. Click Install
  5. Restart Freeplane

You can download an example mind map showing how project and next actions are marked with icons, along with various options to include attributes like where the next action will be done, etc.
Many thanks to Volker Boerchers of the Freeplane team for help on the add-on.

Happy mind mapping!

‘Waiting For’ Lists in Mind Maps

Reaching your project goals often depends on other people completing tasks for you- in addition to the other demands on their time. Because both your needs and those of others is dynamically changing all the time, it is easy for a critical task to “fall through the cracks” unless there is adequate follow-up.

GTD systems have a solution for capturing the tasks others are doing for you: the “Waiting For” list. Continue reading ‘Waiting For’ Lists in Mind Maps

Managing a Transformation Across Functions

Projects that have a goal of transforming some aspect of an organization need to be managed across various functional groups. Despite the importance of the transformation, inertia and competing priorities will require extra effort to move the project forward (since the transformation is often viewed as just another task on the list…). It is not enough to have an overall project plan; daily follow-up is often required to ensure next actions happen. This article shows how mind maps can be used to help connect the project plan with next actions from each of the functional groups. Continue reading Managing a Transformation Across Functions