Freeplane|GTD add-on available

The Freeplane|GTD tool for extracting Next Action lists from a mind map can now be installed using the add-on manager in Freeplane:

  1. Download the add-on from SourceForge
  2. Using Freeplane 1.2.x, select Tools -> Add-ons
  3. Click the Search and Install tab then use the Search button to navigate to the downloaded add-on
  4. Click Install
  5. Restart Freeplane

You can download an example mind map showing how project and next actions are marked with icons, along with various options to include attributes like where the next action will be done, etc.
Many thanks to Volker Boerchers of the Freeplane team for help on the add-on.

Happy mind mapping!
  • Milind Gokhale

    I loved the GTD aspect of the Freemind extension you had created a few years ago. I have used it successfully though many different projects and even made some of the team members into true believers of mindmaps and the GTD method. For me the short hand for typing action items into the mindmap made this into a powerful tool that I continue to use in my meetings. Often when my screen is projected, the other meeting participants have commented that entering the new actions is so simple and the action item summary is very useful for them. Thanks!

    Last week, I visited the Ordino blog again and to my pleasant surprise discovered your FANTASTIC new (to me) free-standing GTD add-on for FreePlane. Its the next best thing for me and I recommend it to anyone who uses the mindmap based GTD method.

    The add-on was easy to install and worked right away. Any action item can still be written in short hand notation (others, please read latest blog where the short hand is explained). I love the stand alone feature of the add-on for GTD as well. Now corporate IT admin no longer can bring up concerns of sharing corporate mindmaps. Another wonderful add is the summary window that pops-up and gives all the action lists broken down by all the categories one typically needs. I use this summary list to send customized action lists to my team members and at the same time can send out project based action list.

    I strongly encourage everyone interested in mindmapping and product development / project management to look at this new FreePlane GTD add-on.

    I love the simplicity and now the portability of what you have created…Thanks!

    Product and Technology Dev. Lead

  • Henk van den Akker

    Hi John,

    I might have some improvements for the Freeplane|GTD add-on. I left a message on the Freeplane|GTD discussion page: