Tip for Updating GTD Mindmaps

During daily or weekly reviews of your Next Action list from FreeMind|GTD, you’ll need to edit your GTD mindmap (the master source) to either add, edit, or delete Next Actions. Here’s a simple tip to make it easier find a┬áNext Action in a large mindmap.

Luckily, FreeMind has a simple search function that can be used to find your Next Action. It searches from the current node down the hierarchy, so it can be easiest to just start at the root node of the mindmap. The shortcut for selecting the root node is the ‘Esc’ key. After selecting the root node, press ‘Ctrl+F’ to open the search dialog box, as illustrated below.

FindNextActionClick on the ‘OK’ button to go to the first instance matching the search string. The search function looks for an exact match within the node text string, so use the FreeMind|GTD Next Action list to help you make up the search string. A typical place where the simple search can trip you up is searching for ‘reports’ when the node text might be something like ‘Draft report’- the exact match will fail since report is singular rather than plural. Here’s the result for the above search:

FoundNextActionSo use the sequence ESC Ctrl-F to quickly find a Next Actions in large mindmaps.